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How Does it Work?

You’re ready to gain the tools you need to provide gender-affirming care, but what’s the next step? Let’s talk about the process for a single session or a more in depth training curriculum for a series of presentations. 



First, we’ll chat about your training needs. I’ll gauge your goals, challenges, identify skill gaps, and find out what's holding your organization back from being more affirming and inclusive for your clients and employees.


Curriculum Development

Next, I’ll develop personalized training specific to your needs, understanding the availability and learning styles of your employees.



We won’t move forward without your feedback. After all, this is tailored to you and your organization! We’ll set a schedule and benchmarks for completion. Let the training begin! 


I evaluate your employees' learning through testing and one-to-one assessment, and I’ll ask the same of you for me! Did the training meet your expectations? Did it solve a specific problem or problems?

Now, it’s your time to shine. Use the tools you learned daily, and they’ll become second nature in your practice

Affirming. Inclusive. Equitable. Compassionate.

Ready to be all of these things and more? 

Looking for more individual services? See What I offer below

Queer Health 101

Includes terminology, pronouns, Inclusive language. Ideal for Front facing staff, MA, PCA, RNs, providers that are new to LGBTQIA+ healthcare.

Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy

For providers that are ready to increase access to gender affirming hormone therapy. You'll learn why prescribing is life saving, how to obtain informed consent, baseline labs to obtain, hormone regimens and followup care.

Consulting Services 

Have a complicated case or question? Need guidance or assistance with prescribing? I offer consulting services by the hour or half hour. Submit a request on my contact page and let's get started.

Queer Health 201

This training goes more indepth and covers obtaining histories, inclusive sexual history, treatment guidelines for primary care, GEN care (also known as GYN care).

Ideal if you aren't new to providing LGBTQIA health; you understand terminology, but want to improve your care and learn more.

Document, Website,
Social Media Review

Want to be sure your social media platforms, documents or websites are inclusive? This service is for you. I'll take a look at  your documents and sites and provide  recommendations to improve inclusivity. 

Conference Presentations

I welcome requests to present at conferences or other professional development opportunities.

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