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Affirming Care for your Community

Inclusive, barrier-free healthcare for LGBTQIA+ patients starts with you

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Let’s face it: as medical providers, there’s a knowledge deficit when it comes to inclusive care for queer and gender-diverse patients. We weren’t equipped with tools or training to learn affirming language, proper pronoun use, or ensure screenings for all gender identities, and now, it can feel daunting. 


You’re afraid to say the wrong thing. 


You may not see the need in your practice. 


You already know you’re an amazing provider.

Let me help you become an inclusive medical provider

As a medical provider, I understand, and I’m here to help. I’m Bridget Pitcock (she/they), MSN, APRN, FNP-C, AAHIVS, also known as BP The Queer NP. I offer training, consulting, and advocacy that assists you and your team in caring for LGBTQIA+ patients – I provide digestible and approachable training on practices that center all identities and in turn, healthier, happier patients.

​As a queer,  non-binary person with over 12 years experience as an APRN and RN, my encounters as both a patient and provider – some wonderful, and some difficult – led me to the world of gender-affirming healthcare. I now give medical providers, office staff, and other industry personnel the tools to meet patients where they are, prevent healthcare disparities, and create equitable and safe environments for all.


What I Offer

I have a range of services and trainings that cover terminology, pronoun usage, integrating more inclusive language, primary care screenings, how to prescribe hormone therapy for trans and gender diverse patients.


Have questions about a case? I offer consultation services, as well. 

"We are thankful for Bridget’s passion for her work and her willingness to share with us. They made the material easily digestible, and I feel that our leadership team learned sensitive and complex topics and had space to learn the deeper meanings without feelings of judgment or fear of making mistakes.  I’d recommend Bridget’s educational program to any college, university or corporation."

Derek Cowherd, Associate Athletics Director for DEI, UofL

I work as a Family Nurse Practitioner and Faculty member in an APRN Fellowship Program within a large FQHC. One of our biggest areas of potential growth and practice change is surrounding gender affirming care. We reached out to Bridget to give a presentation to our APRN Fellows on GAH, hormone therapy and a discussion on inclusivity. Bridget’s presentation was incredibly helpful to increase our provider’s knowledge base as well as giving our clinic specific examples of ways to implement practice change from all levels of staff and patient flow. This was a valuable first step in striving to always provide inclusive,  best practice for all of our patients.

Shizuka Buckner, MSN, APN, NP-C

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